PICTURE START is a professional development program targeted at emerging producers, directors and writers. This comprehensive skills enhancement program employs a project-oriented methodology whereby participants learn by working with established filmmakers and film industry professionals. This hands-on approach will be complemented by a series of workshops prior to principle photography aimed at enhancing the participants’ filmmaking savvy. Local and national experts will conduct workshops, and senior filmmakers will mentor junior filmmakers throughout the development, production and post-production phases of the project.


Key components include:

  • Formal instruction (through specific workshops conducted by industry professionals)


  • Individual mentorship (where staff and senior filmmakers guide the emerging filmmakers in both creative and logistical matters)


  • The practical application of emerging filmmaker skills in all aspects of film production (developing a concept, scriptwriting, budgeting and financing, production, post-production and marketing). The short, live-action films produced through the program are expected to perform in the marketplace in a quantifiable way – either through festival participation, festival recognition or awards, broadcaster interest or other sales and distribution methods. As per NIFCO policy, copyright in the film remains with the filmmakers.


Upon completion of the program, the participants are expected to have acquired the level of skills necessary to move forward in their film industry careers.

PICTURE START - Call for Submissions

Deadline – Monday August 14th, 2023 at 11:59pm


Polish those scripts, develop your visions and find your dream team!

Contact ANNA at picturestart@nifco.org with any and all questions!


application download here