You never forget your first.

So you have already completed our Film Classes, perhaps a recent graduate from Film school who has moved back home, OR maybe you’ve just been around the industry for a while and want to make your own vision a reality. Then the First-Time Filmmaker Program is for you!

NIFCO’s First Time Filmmaker Program is an introductory immersion program designed to expose novice filmmakers to the proper equipment, techniques and workflows that go into making a quality short film.

The goal is to produce a short film with as minimal a cost to the filmmaker as possible. The Program covers the production-related costs, including production equipment rentals.  The filmmaker also will be given in-kind use of NIFCO’s post-production facility to edit and finish their film.

Application packages should include:

  • a completed application form (PDF available here)
  • a completed script of your film
  • an updated resume or CV

NIFCO’s Board of Directors will review new applications monthly. Filmmakers are asked to produce their films no later than four months from date of approval.  If the film hasn’t been shot in that time, filmmakers may be asked to reapply.

Program participants are expected to screen their film at NIFCO and provide us with a copy of the finished film for the purpose of reporting to funding agencies.

If you are a novice to film production, you are encouraged to take the NIFCO introductory filmmaking course. This will provide you with a solid understanding of the filmmaking process, and will help you greatly when it comes to making your first film.

Everyone has a film! Become a filmmaker.

 Application Form (PDF)

Contact: Anna Petras at (709) 753-6121