Speaking Out Against Bill C-32

The IMAA (Independent Media Arts Alliance) Speaks Out Against Bill C-32

Montreal, February 3rd, 2011 – In support of fair remuneration for media artists, the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) has signed on to the Canadian Conference of the Arts statement on Bill C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act. The IMAA joins a total of 88 national and provincial arts service organizations representing writers, performers, actors, illustrators, musicians, composers, publishers, poets, playwrights, producers and songwriters from all arts and culture disciplines. The IMAA represents 80 media arts organizations across Canada working in film, video and new media.

In its current state, parts of Bill C-32 stand to benefit larger companies and multinationals while other parts of the Bill could have a detrimental impact on independent media artists.

Bill C-32 includes a list of many new exceptions that are intended to allow educators, students, businesses and libraries to make greater use of copyright material in digital form, amongst other changes that permit greater use of copyrighted material in general.

For the media arts sector, the educational exceptions and the expansion of “fair dealing” to include education are of concern for media artists. Thousands of professional Canadian filmmakers, video, audio and new media artists will experience a significant reduction in their current and potential revenues. The joint statement published by the CCA indicates that “these exceptions, which unfairly discriminate against the content creators who are at the heart of Canada’s cultural industries, will drastically reduce unit sales of Canadian educational books and audio-visual works and, in addition, may divert as much as $60 million annually from creators, publishers and distributors of content used in education.”

Currently, Bill C-32 is under examination by a legislative committee of the House of Commons. The IMAA has requested to make a presentation to the committee on behalf of the independent media art sector given that media artists produce a range of media art works available in digital form. Media artists rely on all sources of remuneration to fuel their careers.

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