Nickel Film Festival Workshops

Intermediate Screenwriting with Noel Baker
Noel Baker is a veteran film and television writer and story editor. He is the co-creator of the erotic comedy/drama series Show Me Yours (Showcase Television). He also wrote the Genie-Nominated screenplay for the punk rock road movie HARD CORE LOGO. This Workshop aims to create a feature film outline from beginning to end.

When: Sunday June 21st to Tuesday June 23rd, 09
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Where: The Star of The Sea Hall, 40 Henry Street.
Cost: $250
50% off up until June 12, 09
Subsidy available

Filmmaking Masterclass with Chris Jones

Chris Jones is a feature film veteran and author of the best selling Guerilla Film Makers Handbooks. GONE FISHING, his short film was shortlisted for the Oscars in 2009. This course will take you on a creative journey from the first ideas all the way through to the premiere, awards and who knows, maybe the Oscars!

When: Wednesday June 24th-Thursday June 25th, 09
Time: 10 am – 4 pm
Where: INCO Innovation Theatre, Memorial University of Newfoundland campus
Cost: $200
50% off up until June 12, 09
Subsidy available

Nickel Filmmaker Panel & Luncheon
Here is an opportunity to talk to emerging filmmakers who are screening films at the Nickel Independent Film Festival. Come out and eat lunch with them, chat them up, learn of their backgrounds, find out how they got to where they are today.

When: Friday June 26th, 09
Time: 12:30-2:30
Where: The Casbah, 4 Cathedral Street
Cost: $15 (includes lunch)
Must be paid in advance

5th Annual Screenplay Series
Facilitated By Lois Brown. Three screenwriters will work with industry professionals and then present a live stage read performed by professional actors to the public. Feedback and Questions to follow.

When: Friday June 26th, 09
Time: 3-5 pm
Where: Star of the Sea Hall, 40 Henry St.
Cost: FREE

Super 8mm Workshop Presented by Nickel Independent Film Festival and Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival. Filmmakers from the Nickel and composers from the Wreckhouse Festival get together to collaborate a Super 8mm film. The result is a 3 minute film that will be played at the Nickel Festival in 2010. If you have had your work screened in any of the Nickel Festivals and you want to get involved you must submit your name by 4 pm on June 19th, 2009. A random draw will decide who the three filmmakers will be.

Contact Geraldine at for subsidy details or to answer any questions you might have about any or these events)

Geraldine Hollett
Workshop Coordinator
Nickel Film Festival

Super 8mm Series presented by Nickel Independent Film Festival and Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues Festival Sponsored by Exclusive

In June 2009, filmmakers from the Nickel Festival and Composers from the Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues Festival get together to collaborate on a super 8 film. The film is shot silently and once it is processed, the composer watches it, composes a score which is then performed live at the Wreckhouse Festival and recorded to be later matched to the film. The resulting 3-minute film plays at the Nickel Festival in 2010.
All Super 8 films are made just weeks before the public premiere. “Post-production” is not allowed. Filmmakers can only edit their film as they shoot it, this is known as in-camera editing. Any editing, titles or effects are done “in-camera”, in “one take”, on one, 50-foot, 3-minute roll of reversal (positive) film, so the films can be finished quickly and cheaply and are ready to show right after being processed. Super 8 is the ideal format, with inexpensive, accessible cameras, a few different, inexpensive, reversal stocks on 3 minute rolls, and labs within shipping distance.

We require the films be given to us finished, but unprocessed. We get them all processed and show them at the public premiere during the Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues Festival without even the filmmaker seeing their own films first. This increases the surprise for the artists and the audience. We show their film silent, while we record the composer providing a soundtrack, played “wild” in a live performance.

Want to get involved?
In order to participate, filmmakers must have had their work screened in any past Nickel festival. 2009 filmmakers also qualify.

Filmmakers contact us at to enter their names by 4 pm on June 19, 2009. A random draw of three filmmakers determines the film participants, who are notified immediately. The meeting with composers is on June 22 and facilitated by Roger Maunder at NIFCO, 40 Kings Rd. Pairs are chosen organically from this process. The filmmakers then meet for a lesson (if required) in using the Super 8 camera and a shooting schedule is determined. Each filmmaker books the camera for one day to shoot their film. They immediately return the camera and the exposed film to the Nickel Workshop Coordinator, who then sends the film for processing. When the film is returned (transferred to DVD), it is sent to the composer for scoring. After the live recording, the Nickel edits the sound to the film and adds the credits. It’s then ready for its debut!

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