Situated in historic downtown St. John’s, The Newfoundland Independent Filmmakers Co-Operative (NIFCO) is an association of independent filmmakers. Members originate and execute film projects using NIFCO equipment and facilities. There is a strong emphasis on sharing experiences and providing assistance to first time filmmakers.

In addition to these primary objectives, NIFCO also:

    ● Sponsors research projects and publications dealing with film in the province;
    ● Brings to local audiences a refreshing view
    of independent film by artists from other areas;
    ● Assists members to obtain production financing for their films;
    ● Works with other artists and arts groups and institutions
    to encourage the development of indigenous cultural expression;
    ● Co-operates with other groups and institutions to encourage the development of film as an art and a cultural industry in Newfoundland and Labrador;
    ● Provides a meeting space for filmmakers and media artists.

See our About page for more information.

Funding for NIFCO core programs is provided by:

We also receive assistance from:

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